Thursday, February 4, 2016

Benjamin Franklin SR

LinZi Fuller
English 9 Honors-5
February 3, 2016
Benjamin Franklin Summary Response
Benjamin Franklin’s quote from 1957 portrays the ideology that obtaining freedom over temporary safety is more important because in the quote, those who are willing to give up necessary liberty in return for temporary safety do not deserve both liberty nor safety.
Benjamin Franklin’s 1957 quote incorrectly portrays that when one gives up the essential freedom, they cannot have liberty nor safety because when freedom is given up, more than one subject suffers. Franklin’s quote applies to our home security and how other events can affect the way the USA takes control of threats. The events that took place during 9/11 have impacted the USA forever with the constant fear of terrorism. After 9/11 occurred the U.S security tightened its grip on citizens, tourists, and immigrants entering and leaving the country. Many people have been debating over the subject of, whether airport security has gone too far. When going through security in the airport, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will check bags, perform a metal detector scan, and, if needed, use a pat down procedure. Numerous reports from families have claimed that TSA pat checks are too invasive and harsh. A father and daughter were travelling when a juice box, accidentally not thrown away in her carry on causing the alarms to go off. The daughter (10 years old) was given a harsh and invasive pat down by a TSA worker, “Authorities followed up with a swab of the bag and a false-positive test for explosives, then a nearly 2-minute-long full-body pat-down in which a female TSA agent touched the girl’s buttocks and groin repeatedly” (The San Diego Union-Tribune). Airport security asks travelers to give up their freedom so the safety of others is assured,but TSA has repeatedly been reported for inappropriate touching, unnecessary searching, and taking measures to the extreme on younger children. Without airport luggage and personal checks, many dangerous situations could occur including  possibly another 9/11. The one goal of security is to make sure everyone else is safe even if it means a few extra minutes inspecting a suspicious person or item. When leaving a country or even another state, security will check luggage before you board the plane. With gun laws now in place, it is legal to carry a concealed weapon, “Over 1,200 firearms were discovered at TSA checkpoints across the nation in 2011. Many guns are found loaded with rounds in the chamber. Most passengers simply state they forgot they had a gun in their bag” (The TSA Blog: TSA Top 10 Good Catches of 2011). By having TSA security checks, we are giving up our freedom to carry weapons, but in return we are protecting others and ensuring the safety of the people. Many would argue that giving up one’s freedom for safety has both a negative impact on the individual and society. Franklin states that those who are willing to give up some freedom in return for temporary safety shouldn’t be deserving of both safety and freedom. He makes this claim because he believes that freedom is the essential part of living a worthwhile existence. This can be shown with Hitler and how he brainwashed Germans under his command. The people willingly voted him in, but he eventually took their freedom. This conclusion seems compelling  because without freedom, you don’t have actual safety. By giving up freedom for temporary safety, one exists under false ideas. While the people who survive under these pretenses may be safe, they do not have the freedom to live a fulfilling life. In some situations, people will opt to have their freedom taken from them, in order to gain refugee and safety. Often times however, this safety is not legitimate. For example, in North Korea, Dictator Kim Jong Un takes his citizens freedom and in return, provides them with perceived safety. The people of North Korea are kept within borders and are led to believe that they are safe when in reality they have lost one of the most important things: freedom. However, it is more complicated than that. If all you have is freedom, there is no one to protect you. Therefore, you have no safety. An example can be seen in the United States where citizens give up some freedom rights in order to have provided safety. Another demonstration can be shown with the airport security where citizens give up the right to firearms for a security that may prevent a future 9/11 terrorist attack, or the border along Mexico. The border of Mexico helps drug trafficking, reduces crime rate, and provides a safe travel between the countries.
In the end, it is much more efficient to give up some freedom in order to receive protection and safety.

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